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We specialise in refurbishment of brake calipers and EGRs for all trucks, semi-trailers, buses and trams.

The braking system is the most important part of such vehicles in terms of safety. Therefore, our refurbishment technology always ensures top quality and is also environmentally friendly. During the refurbishment process, the parts undergo the same demanding production processes, measurements and functional tests as any new product. Due to the very high quality, our warranty for brake calipers and EGRs is longer than the one provided by manufacturers.

Therefore, we offer original parts that are cost-effective alternatives to the new ones – and we can prove it.


The technology used and the processes certified by DEKRA guarantee reliability and safety of all products. was established in 2006. Currently, it supplies over 3000 truck part wholesalers, shops and garages in Central and Eastern Europe. From the very beginning, we have aimed at meeting clients’ needs regarding brake calipers and EGRs for public transport vehicles and trucks. Therefore, we focus on the continuous improvement of quality and standards of our services.

We are the only company in Europe that specialises in refurbishment of both brake calipers and EGRs. The services that are so crucial in terms vehicle, traffic and environmental safety require a high technical culture. We are proud to say we are in a leading position in Europe in this respect.

We boast a team of people who have the highest skills in our industry. They have been trained directly by experts from one of the largest brake system manufacturers in Germany. Additionally, our processes are under the continued control of experts from DEKRA, the world safety leader. Our experience, precision and sense of responsibility guarantee that strictest standards of service provisions are observed, which is confirmed by the above-mentioned organisation.